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Updated: Nov 16

Welcome to the Seven97 Blog!

In this blog, we will bring to you things past as well as things present that may apply to your sterile compounding world. We hope to assist and support your daily activities or occasional challenges as well as inspire you to gain expertise so you may manage your cleanrooms better. This will involve the application of the written code (797 or 800) into your current setup (physical plant), budgetary constraints, and staffing limitations among other issues. If you happen to be by trade a clinical pharmacist and now must be a cleanroom manager and/or designated person, some things may be "lost in translation". I want to help so you can communicate with regulators, certifiers, engineers, and others. There's no secret sauce here; just the strategic application of a standard that expresses itself differently in different settings.

We want this forum to be a "safe zone" where you can be honest and transparent about your pain as well as your accomplishments as you make progress in your journey.

I am happy you visited us and hope you enjoy the ride, sort of speak.

Share your journey

Since we are in this together, we can support each other by sharing our experiences. You are welcome to comment. We will do our best to answer your inquiries or redirect you to a trustworthy source that can answer them,

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